About Linda Kobert

Linda Kobert is a freelance writer, editor, and educator based in Charlottesville, Virginia. For more than 30 years (can it be that long?!) my features, profiles, travel pieces, essays, and reports of local events have regularly appeared in print and on-line publications, including Hospital Drive, The Washington Post, Spirituality and Health, American Journal of Nursing, Journal of Nursing Education, every major publication in Charlottesville, and many University of Virginia and UVA Medical Center publications. I used to manage a blog for The Hook, a local news and arts weekly, and produced radio essays that air on a local NPR affiliate. I’ve also read submissions for the literary magazine Creative Nonfiction and still serve as editor for the medical literary journal Hospital Drive.

During the fall 2010 academic term, I had the awesome opportunity to teach writing and run the writing center for the UVA study abroad program Semester at Sea. For 107 days, this floating university circumnavigated the globe while conducting classes and stopping in a dozen ports along the way. This gig was so amazing, I did it again in fall 2012, sailing around the Atlantic! You can read several essays about my adventures on this very blog.

But wait! There’s more! In 2014, I earned my MFA in creative writing from the Stonecoast program at the University of Southern Maine. Since then I’ve published my creative work in Postcard Poems & Prose, We Said Go Travel, The Pen and Bell, Lunch Ticket, Pulse, The Intima, and most recently The American Journal of Nursing. My debut novel, The Loved Ones, is completed and I’m looking for an agent. And because I’m a writing junkie, I lead creative writing groups and workshops in the community, including critique groups at the library and a reflective writing group for nurses.

I hope you enjoy reading my work. If you do, please follow my blog, leave comments, and tell your friends and family to read my stuff too. Thanks!



9 thoughts on “About Linda Kobert

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  2. Hi Linda,
    I am a pediatric ICU nurse at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Nursing was a second career for me and it is absolutely, 1000% where I belong. I have found writing to be my great passion and my great catharsis in working through the deep issues and emotions that arise from PICU nursing. Given this, I have a burning and growing desire to pursue writing as not only my voice, but also the voice for my co-workers who have often told me they struggle to articulate all that we experience as bedside nurses. I am looking into journals such as The Intima and The Examined Life, but would greatly appreciate any other suggestions you may have for venues where I might be able to pursue and, God-willing, share more of my writing. I truly appreciate any feedback you may have.

    Hui-wen (Alina) Sato


    1. Linda Kobert

      Wow! Thank you Lois! I’m so glad you enjoyed the essay. Do you still live in Pittsburgh? Are you still doing nursing? Where do you teach? Thank you for reading my work!


    2. What a wonderful community! Lois found me on Facebook and I also just read your Reflections piece in AJN today, Linda – so incredibly beautiful. It made me think a lot about my relationship with my mom, who is still healthy but I can see elements from your essay in my own life story. I love the combination of nursing + writing, and what it helps us discover in ourselves. Thank you both for your work.


      1. Linda Kobert

        Hello Alina! Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, it’s a wonderful community. I have enjoyed your work, too, especially the piece on the AJN blog about how to offer care and support to nurses. We all so desperately need that kind of nurturing.


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